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Latin I
Latin III
National Latin Exam Preparation

 Artesian Wells Classical Tutorials is a live, internet tutorial service offering classes in Latin and the Great Books.


The classes offered for the 2016-2017 school year are:


Latin I: The Latin I tutorial covers most of basic grammar and syntax and includes readings in Latin. 

Prerequisite: This course is for students 14 years old and older.

Latin 3: Students read large, unedited excerpts from famous Roman and medieval authors. This includes a grammar and vocabulary review in the first part of the year.

Prerequisite: Latin 1 and 2 or their equivalent (completion of Latin grammar)

National Latin Exam Preparation: This short course (mid-January through mid-March) prepares students to take the National Latin Exam in March, including overviews of various areas of Roman history, geography, culture, mythology, conversational Latin, Latin still in use today (derivatives, Latin sayings, etc.), and practice taking previous exams. 

Prerequisite: Students must be currently enrolled in a Latin class. Students studying Latin with other tutors are welcome to join us for the NLE preparation course!


The Format:

Artesian Wells uses WebEx, a live conferencing software. The format makes use of chat, audio, and other teaching tools such as an interactive whiteboard (used as a "live" classroom would use a whiteboard, to write notes and draw diagrams, but also used to put up pictures of people and places we talk about). The students listen to the tutor's voice and respond in real-time using the chat box, while the tutor answers the questions and comments (and laughs at most of the jokes) as they pop up in the chat box. Students are welcome (but not required) to ask and answer questions using their own microphone as well. The classes may be recorded for students to watch later if they are unable to make a particular class (due to illness, etc.), but the video function is not used, as it takes up too much bandwidth and interferes with the audio for most computers. 

The Tutors:

Aaron Wells teaches most of the classes at Artesian Wells. He was born and raised in Bishop, California. Aaron has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture from New St. Andrews College in Moscow, ID. He was home-schooled through high school, while also taking classes in the Great Books, Latin, and Rhetoric from his father-in-law, Wes Callihan of Schola Classical tutorials. Aaron taught Latin, History, and Literature (among other subjects) to junior high and high school students at Logos Christian Academy in Fallon, Nevada for several years, as well as local homeschool tutorials, and ten years of online tutorials. He especially enjoys good literature, history, acting in local community theater productions, and baseball.

Emily Wells is the registrar and secretary for Artesian Wells. She studied Latin through her father, Wes Callihan, and successfully completed the intensive Latin and Greek courses led by the classical languages professor at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. She has taught Latin for thirteen years in homeschool classes locally and online, tutored college students, and taught for a year at Veritas Academy in Lancaster, PA. Emily used to teach Latin 1, 2, 3 and Introduction to Great Books as well but has cut back on teaching time in order to teach the next generation of scholars and baseball fans in the Wells family: Henry (8), Sophia (6), Roy (4), and Mary (2).


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